ŻEGOCINA - Location
    Żegocina is a commune situated 60 km southeast of Kraków and 25 km south of Bochnia. The commune has some 5,000 inhabitants and it is composed of 5 villages. Bełdno, Bytomsko, Ł±kta Górna, Rozdziele and Żegocina.

Infrastructure and economy. The commune of Żegocina has good economic infrastructure. Over hundred years of tradition of receiving guests for recreation was transformed in the last years into a specific "tourist industry". The Commune is looking for investors of light industry and tourist business. It aiso offers a possibility of cooperation with local farmers. For the potential investors, the following is offered: building lots for housing and lots for recreation purposes, building lots for service and industrial activity and management of a manor house in Ł±kta Górna along with a park.

Climate - Location
   The climate of Żegocina is a typical submontane climate characterized by a considerable variability of temperatures. Average monthly temperatures arę -3°C in January and +19°C in May. Snów cover persists here for 80-90 days and the snów remains for the longest time on the slope of the Kamionna Mount, providing excellent condition for skiing.

    The settlement, which today is called Żegocina, was probably founded by Wierzbieta (first half of the 12th century). At the end of the 13th century, the owner of the village - Knight Zbigniew Żegota assigned 2 flefs for building a parish church, which was erected in 1293 by a Kraków's bishop. After 1772 this territory was under Austrian partition. In December 1914, a battle took place in this area, which ended by a victory of the Austrian and Prussian army. On 5 September 1939, Nazi troops marched in the territory of the Commune. Żegocina was liberated in January 1945, In 1956 Żegocina became the seat of the District National Council. The Commune was awarded a prize of "Commune - Master of Thrift", and in 1997 it received a title of an "Exemplary commune".

Historical monuments
    First of all, it should be mentioned a wooden church in Rozdziele dating from the latę 15th century. In the old cemetery in Żegocina, there is Poland's oldest peasant tombstone dating from 1833. An interesting structure is a complex in Ł±kta Górna consisting of a park and a manor from the 19th century. In Ł±kta Górna and Żegocina, there are beautifully situated and restored cemeteries from the period of the World War I. Numerous chapels, figures and wayside crucifixes constitute an unquestionable attraction of the Commune.

Culture, events
Cultural instirutions:
- Communal Public Library in Żegocina,
- Centre of Sport Culture and Tourism in Żegocina (CKSiT), which has: a training centre, a youth brass band, a folk musie band and the "Relaks"club. Regular events are held in the commune: in July - "Greeting the summer in Żegocina", in August - "A birthday of Żegocina", in November - the Youth Tourist Raiły along the Route of Cemeteries from the World War I, Sport and recreation. There are two summer swimming pools in Żegocina and Ł±kta Górna, a tennis court in Żegocina, a complex of school playing grounds, a school sport hali, mountain cycling routes, mountain trails, a football pitch and a park with a playing field for children. There is also "Laskowa-Kamionna" Ski Station having 4 lifts with the total length of the downhill run of 2400 m.

Mountain trails and routes
Three marked tourist trails are running through the area of the commune: green - from the centre of Żegocina to Łopusze Peak (661 m above sea level); yellow - from the centre of Żegocina to Kamionna Peak (801 m above sea level), blue - connecting Łopusze with Kamionna. A red and white trail, leading from the centre of Żegocina to a spring of minerał water, has also been marked out. Since 2003, there have been functioning 3 marked mountain cycling routes withinthe area of the Commune.

    In the Centre of Żegocina, there are two little hotels: "Hexe" (18 beds), and guest chambers in the Centre of Sport Culture and Tourism in Żegocina (45 beds). In Rozdziele, there are two hostels: School Youth Hostel (54 beds) and "Nad Wilczym Rynkiem" hut (20 beds). Ten high-standard agrotourist farms as well as farmhouses and seasonal renting places (summer time) are located in Żegocina, Bełdno and Bytomsko.

   The "Hexe" inn (50 seats) and "Bajka" coffee bar (50 seats) provide an open catering base in the centre of Żegocina. Rest houses, hostels and most agrotourist farms have their own canteens and catering points for their guests.

Useful information

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